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Aug Post-CMAA Meeting Brief | (back to top)
webbwatson Mark Watson, CEO of Pediatrics, University Health System, and Renee Watson, Manager of Bexar County Small, Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise Program, provided outstanding presentations on the "University Health System Capital Improvement Program" and "Doing Projects with Bexar County" for our Aug 11 joint Post-CMAA South West Central Chapter meeting at the Doubletree Hotel.

Click HERE for a copy of the presentations (2.4 MB pdf file).

Post Golf Tournament | (back to top)
Register for our 18th Annual Education & Mentoring Fund Golf Tournament on Tuesday, 6 Oct, at Canyon Springs Golf Course.

golfer Canyon Springs Golf Club, located in north central San Antonio at the edge of the beautiful Texas Hill Country, resides admidst the original Claussen Homestead. The Golf Club offers an 18 hole championship course taking full advantage of the natural terrain.

Click HERE for the Golf registration page.

Call for Election Candidates | (back to top)
We are looking for candidates for our upcoming Post elections. The positions available are as follows:


  • Vice Pres/2017 Pres-elect
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Director,Relationships & Recognition, 2016-2017
  • Director, Leadership & Mentoring, 2016-2017
You must be a SAME and Post member in good standing to be a candidate. If you are an individual member, your first/primary Post affiliation must be our Post. These positions do involve a commitment of time so please be sure you have the time available to serve on the Post Board of Direction.

Click HERE to go to our Post Election website for more info and to register as a candidate. The registration deadline is Fri, 25 Sep.

If you have questions, please contact our Elections POC, Dick Kochanek at

Editor Volunteer Needed | (back to top)
editor The Post is seeking a member with some experience and interest in publication production and filling an important appointed Board position as our Post Newsletter Editor. The Editor is responsible for assembling the inputs for the newsletter and publishing the monthly newsletter.

To be a candidate for this position, you MUST: be a Post individual member or sustaining/public, academic or non-profit agency member designated representative; if a Post individual member, have the San Antonio Post as your primary Post affiliation; NOT be a member of another Post's Board of Direction; AND keep your SAME and San Antonio Post membership current while serving in the position.

Click HERE to apply for the position.

Company Membership Opportunity | (back to top)
membershipIn an effort to increase Post membership, SAME HQ has decided to test a membership approach called “6 Any Way.” What this means is that instead of your company's Post membership having to consist of 1-POC, 3-REPS & 2-YREPS, you can now list your six reps any way you want until December 31, 2015.

Click HERE for more info on the program.

Post Volunteer Call | (back to top)
volunteer Throughout 2015, we will need volunteers to help with the many K-12, community service and other events/activities the Post supports.

We've established a registration page for volunteers for upcoming events. Click HERE to go to the volunteer registration page and check out the upcoming opportunties.

Please consider being a Post volunteer!!!.

Job Hunting | (back to top)
jobsIf you are searching for a new career, try some of the helpful links below, which include job search sites and important tips for your resume, cover letters and job interviews.

Or maybe you would like to get your resume information out to potential employers or your organization is looking for some new talent? If so, just drop us an email by clicking HERE and we will get the information out to our Post members. (NOTE: This service is only available to Post members or college students graduating in the current year)

If you are a veteran tranistioning from the military or a spouse or family member of one, click HERE for a list of Veteran Career Fairs and Related Events.

Post Email | (back to top)
mailbox We send out information on the important upcoming Post and SAME events to our members using the email info in the latest membership rosters downloaded from SAME.

NOTE: If this email address is invalid (bounces), you will miss these notifications. So please be sure that your the email address in your SAME membership record is correct! In some cases, your email address may bounce because your computer network security blocks email fom email marketing systems. Unfortunately we are not able to do anything about this so we encourage you to check this website for the latest event info.

If you do not wish to receive these member emails, you can elect to unsubscribe when you receive an email or email to unsubscribe.

Post members and non-members who want to get all the Post, SAME and local items of interest (including job-related news) via email, can also join our our other email list server.

To join this email list server, email

NOTE: In 2012 we converted to a new email list server (previously we used the server) for this service. As a result of the transfer, many email addresses were purged from this contact list because they were invalid/bounced.